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WellSMS allows you to send multiple SMS and MMS simultaneously, through the Internet. Our service is delivered through our free web platform.

Advantages of using WellSMS:

  • transmission of information to anyone in real time: deadlines, new products, advertisements etc.
  • reading and redemption percentage is higher than any other media
  • it is a communication means that is cheaper than sending messages via mobile phone, it is easy and not intrusive
  • the service has a wide coverage on the international panorama
  • it sends multiple messages that are customizable according to the recipient
  • delivery is guaranteed (Medium and High quality) and it gives the possibility to choose among different types of quality
  • it allows you to schedule and set the frequency of the shipments
  • it allows you to import/export your address book through Excel and .CSV files and it offers a better targeting thanks to Groups management
  • it offers the possibility to set communication templates (festivities, holidays, birthday wishes, programmed promotions etc.)


Do you need to check numbers in your phone book? Try MNC service!

MNC service (Mobile Number Check) monitors your phone numbers and finds those inactive or no longer existing, preventing from wasting time and money and optimizing the shipment of your messages. Thanks to MNC service you can also know which telephone company is associated to any phone number.

Do you want to be warned when your messages are read? Use our NOTIFICATION service!

This service allows you to check the delivery status of your messages, showing the date, hour and second when your messages are received!

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